Welcome to this series of true stories never told before  Рabout people you may never even have heard of Рbut whose life stories reverberate across the decades and centuries.

Many of these stories start with the life of someone who played a musical instrument or sang an old folk song, and many of them lived in my home area of East Anglia, but there are other stories here as well, which I’m looking forward to sharing with you.

There’s already plenty to read here, but do come back soon to read about marshmen and photographers on the Norfolk Broads, traditional singing on the BBC in the 1940s, Italian street musicians in Norwich, a 19th century working dance band in Suffolk and much more. I am also a working musician myself, and some of my other musical researches are published on my other website: katiehowson.co.uk

Please note: Anyone wishing to cite this original research should credit it to Katie Howson and cite this website as the source.