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The Perfect Cure The history of a tune well-known in Norfolk histories
The Well Travelled Dulcimer How a Norfolk dulcimer crossed the Atlantic during WW1
The Other Mrs Benefer The life and times of a woman who sang to folk song collector and composer Vaughan Williams, in King’s Lynn in 1905
The Fishermen that Got Away Singers in Kings Lynn in 1905 who were missed by Vaughan Williams
The Self-sufficient Singers of the Tilden Smith Singers met by John Seymour in the Tilden Smith pub in King’s Lynn in 1955, and a BBC radio programme
The Herring Singers Singers recorded by Mike Herring in King’s Lynn in the 1960s
Henry Flanders’ Song Book A late 19th century song book from King’s Lynn, and a reflection on singing repertoires
Up From the Sea How artists and photographers shed some light on the singers and fishermen of Southwold
The Real Ben Hurr The Hurr brothers of Southwold, singers & fishermen
The Battle of Sole Bay: an Unsung Song An old song, now more-or-less forgotten, from Southwold
MacKenzie’s Lambs and the Shoulder of Mutton Singers from the 1870s to the 1970s in the pubs of Southwold
A Life through Five Sovereigns Stories from the life of William Hurr senior, Southwold
Tales from the Harbour Inn Singers from the Harbour Inn, Southwold
Will the Real Paddy O’Rafferty Please Stand Up! A tangled tale of tunes, songs, actors and a barrel-organ
A Barrel Organ in the Arctic How a barrel organ with many “traditional” dance tunes was taken on William Parry’s expeditions, 1819-1825.
Esther Gayton part 1: ‘The Ballerina and the Baronet’ Another tune from Parry’s Barrel Organ inspired this investigation into the real life of Miss Esther Gayton
Esther Gayton part 2: ‘Miss Gayton’s Hornpipe’ Miss Gayton’s Hornpipe: how the tune, social dance and step routine have survived through two centuries¬†